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Stephen Sobol

Friendsov was created by Stephen Sobol.

Born in Nottingham, Steve is a 1975 graduate of Economics and Government at the University of Essex (started by that visionary VC, Albert Sloman, in 1964). He gained his PhD from the University of Bradford in 1980 and began lecturing (in statistics) at Leeds Polytechnic in the same year. In 1981 he joined the School of Media at Trinity and All Saints College, Leeds and was promoted to Principal Lecturer in 1995. He was the architect of the degree programme in Digital Media at the College and this took its first students in 1998. Steve also set up the BA in New Media at the Institute of Communications Studies, University of Leeds, UK, where he went on to become Director of Learning and Teaching and Deputy Head of the Institute.

Research interests include applications of web-database connectivity; web usage tracking; design of ‘web-systems’. Stephen is familiar with a number of programming languages and is currently using Cold Fusion and Structured Query Language to develop web applications – see DMASC.

Stephen retired from regular academic life in 2013 but still writes code for people here and there. Calendar Central is his latest amusement. 


Datasystems for academic publishing, equipment booking, proposal assessment, online conferencing, content management, workload monitoring, timetabling/scheduling and invoicing among others.

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Other Interests

Stephen acts as an external assessor for a number of UK higher education institutions and does review work for Pearson, Wiley, Sage, Routledge, New Media & Society and JMM – The International Journal on Media Management.

Artsprofessional is a database driven web site for an arts magazine and Stephen was a consultant on the project.

Sobol Roux Systems - supply custom-built web data systems and hosting.

Ipso Chi Sigma - provides a platform for a range of consultancy projects many related to Survey6 – Stephen's online tool for the analysis of questionnaire data. – the group communications tool – is his latest project - contact


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