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Feature List

Website Maintenance

Your friendsov site could be your only web site...

With a friendsov site there is much you can do for visitors who log-in - but before they do the site they see is controlled by you, with as many pages as you want, all populated by you (and or people you nominate) with such graphics as you see fit. Your friendsov site will also power an RSS feed and keep Twitter and Facebook up to date automatically.

Your friendsov site could br your only site and you could point your domain at it - see .

...or be a part of your current website...

Your friendsov site can be made to look very similar to your existing site - and you might link to it seamlessly in your site to provide extra services (subscriptions, discussion groups, file sharing etc) for your users.

Subscription Management

You can use your frriendsov site to collect subscriptions electronically. If you enable these features users will see a 'subscribe' link on the login page leading to a page you can modify and a form that will process payment to an email account you specify for an amount you specify. When you get the money you can setup the user account with an expiry date (or extend the existing expiry date) accordingly.

Advertising Management

There is space on the leading pages for advertising controlled by you. When you add an ad you can specify the date range in which it will show, the maximum number of ads to display and either specify the order in which they appear or let them display in a random order. Its a matter for you whether you charge for this or simply use the space to promote other sites - or parts of your site.

Discussions Groups

There are a wealth of features here. You can set up as many discussion areas as you want and specify the membership of each area as you see fit (or declare an area open to ALL people who have access to your system. In addition you can define GROUPS of users - eg committee members - and then assign access to areas by groupname. This makes things easier to manage in large systems with roles that change frequently.

A user with access to a given area may choos to set notifications ON for that area - meaning that when there is a post to that area they will get an email about it. Further, if you choose to allow it, the user might decide to 'mail to group' a mesaage they have posted. Posts can have files attached to them and images and sound files are automatically rendered 'clickable' when the post is viewed (by default). Images are automatically resized in these displays - but readers still have access to the full resolution versions.

A user can edit and delete their own messages and controllers have absolute power over all messages.


Beyond the email features described above controllers can email invites to the system with user accounts set up automatically and passwords included in the invite emails.

File Sharing

If this feature is enabled then your users will be able to navigate through your filestore area and take what they want. Only controllers can place material here and there options for resizing images and making presentations - see below.

Multiple file uploads

If you have a directory full of files to upload then this can be done at a stroke.


If you have a set of images in a folder in your filestore area then you can declare this area as a presentation area and supply a name for the presentation. Once done the main menu will have a link 'Presentations' and all such areas will be listed for viewing.


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