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Search away
     Monday 14 October 2013

An optional search routine is now available with options to sort the results either by date or relevance....

Buy Now capability added
     Monday 22 July 2013

You can now add a BUY button to any page....

     Friday 21 June 2013

You can now create slideshows on friendsov. Simply load a folder with images and declare it a 'presentation' and it will be listed on the presentations menu. You could also include the same presentation on any web-page in your friendsov site. Videos from YouTube, Vimeo or Dailymotion can be included......

Electronic Subscription
     Tuesday 11 September 2012

With a friendsov site you can now arrange to collect subscriptions from your members electronically using PayPal. The whole thing is very easy to set up and all you need is an email address to receive the payments. You set the price and allocate friendsov resources to the user as......

Discussion Areas
     Wednesday 9 May 2012

You can set up as many discussion areas as you like within the friendsov system and restrict access to any of them as you see fit - or make an area open to all with access. 'Posts' to the areas are threaded and allow authors to make file attachments, send......

Key Files
     Wednesday 9 May 2012

This feature allows controllers to develop a data archive, open to all users, designed to provide a single point of access for those documents, images, and indeed any computer file, that may be in demand....

     Wednesday 9 May 2012

You may want people to be able to see a slideshow of images. A presentation menu linked to areas of 'Key Files' can be created to deliver exactly that. You can make as many such presentations as you want. Images can carry with them brief descriptions and notes available during......

Membership Administration
     Wednesday 9 May 2012

Keep track of who your members are, when their membership expires and email them at a stroke. Have as many 'complimentary' members as you wish - and maybe give some colleagues 'controller' status enabling them to add key files, monitor discussions and control advertising....

Diary Dates
     Wednesday 9 May 2012

Keep an online diary to remind people of forthcoming events - and let them print out a calendar for the whole year ahead featuring all your key dates and sporting your logo....

Advertising Management
     Thursday 26 April 2012

There is a module that allows you to control advertising on your site. Upload ads, set display from/to dates, count hits and so on. Whats more you could delegate all this to one of your underlings. Sell your own advertising and put in the system for automatic display in the......