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Friendsov is a web system for managing 'friends of' your 'outfit'. Or your company intranet. Or your website.

These are for you if you've just bought something similar for more than £100 a year. Yes, you could have a friendsov site for £100 a year.


Manage your twitter and RSS feeds, publish press releases, share files, maintain diaries and even manage subscriptions (if that's how you operate).

With loads of design options, lots of storage space and an easy user interface this could be just the thing to breath digital life into your organisation, business, charity, football club, art gallery, magazine, reading group, play group, wine club, photography group...

Catch up with the latest developments by going to the NEWS PAGE - also available as an RSS feed.

You could have a site like this with logins for your members plus all the file sharing and email updates you want - collect subscription fees (electronically) and sell advertising space (such as that on the right) as you see fit.

Contact: (Yorkshire, UK) for more information or simply subscribe.

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